Ask the Candidates

The Wood River Public Library will be holding a virtual "Ask the Candidates". This is a way for the public to ask questions of the candidates for Wood River Mayor and City Council before the consolidated election on Tuesday, April 6.

The following guidelines will be followed:

  • Questions will be asked in timestamp order they are received.

  • Questions with profanity or that are deemed derogatory will not be asked. 

  • Should the same question be submitted multiple times, it will be asked once using the phrasing from the first time it was submitted.

The Library Staff will meet with candidates via Zoom. Candidates will get 15 minutes to answer questions submitted through this forum only. Questions received via social media comment or direct messages, or through email, phone call, or any other means of communication will not be asked.

The Zoom call will be recorded and posted on the Wood River Public Library's social media and website. 

You may submit as many questions as you like. You do not have to submit your name unless you choose. 

Questions will be taken March 12 (8:00am)- March 15 (9:00am) using a form. The link will be provided that day on this page. 


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